Ford Talladega

Ford’s answer to the aero cars from Dodge and Plymouth in 1969. Very few produced in 3 factory colors. 428CJ – 428 Cobra Jet engine. A very rare muscle car.
'35 Offy Midget

Raced in the late 30’s - early 40’s. Only SOHC Offy to ever race. Some famous drivers drove this car. Restored by Nick Pappas of southern Oregon.
Mercury Cyclone

Mercury Division’s answer to the aero cars. Available In 2 color combinations: This one is the Red / White version for Cale Yarborough with several engine options with the Blue / White Dan Gurney long-nose model below. Very few were produced…a very rare muscle car indeed!
Ford Mustangs

One of the great pony cars from the mid-60’s..! Here are 3 models: 65’ Shelby White with blue stripes, 67’ black fast- back, 69’ Red Boss 429. This is the only Mustang print to date.
1927 Willys Overland Whippet

This is the 6 cylinder model w/ the long hood. The wire wheels Are a replacement for the illustration. Considered fast for their era.
Alfa Romeo Spider

Custom Marker Rendering based on the 2014 Spider designed By Pininfarina of Italy. Rendered for Doug Brock-Jones, Chicago, Illinois. 15 x 20” Original with 15 x 20” ad 11 x 14” Archival White Fine Art Prints available. Signed and numbered, only 50 prints. Rendering by Herb Dixon, HD&A, Inc.
Greg’s Chevy Passion

Custom Marker Rendering for Greg Sparks, Clive, Iowa given to him by his wife, Terry, for their 37th wedding anniversary last year. These are his cars he has built or modified from the 1964 Chevy SS, 38’ Chevy Coupe, 39’ Chevy Sedan which were both built by Greg, to the 2003 Corvette Z06 Roadster. Limited Edition Fine Art Prints. Rendering by Herb Dixon, HD&A, Inc.
Rachanski's History of Racing - Herb Dixon 2010

NOT FOR SALE - Ed Rachanki's fleet of cars he's raced over his 50 year career.
CRK Venue Kiosk

This is a modular interactive kiosk for automotive parts stores. The interactive touch screen allows you to select a product and order it – in store or at outdoor venues. Marker rendering completed for DCi, Direct Communications, Inc.
Maid-Rite Food Cart

Custom Food Cart designed for Outdoor Venues and special Events. A modular design featuring custom metal panels and Inserts along with Nimlok aluminum extrusions and fabric canopy. Marker rendering and design by Herb Dixon, HD&A, Inc.
Winston/Safeway Kiosk

Marker Rendering and Design by Herb Dixon, HD&A, Inc.
Emco Specialties

Modular “Forever” Door Display system by converting Emco’s Beautiful doors into a modular panel and adding Nimlok’s alum Extrusions to make a special 4-sided door kiosk display. Marker Rendering and Design by Herb Dixon, HD&A, Inc.